San Francisco

4th Edition
Though we don't like to play favorites, we do love working on this particular title. Wandering around San Francisco and the East Bay on a warm, sun-filled day, where everything seems touched by gold and the bay sparkles – there's nowhere else like it. It's on these days that even when we’re circling for a parking spot for the 15th time, our love for the city stays intact.
The HUNT will open up your eyes to a whole new world. We love how every venue featured is independently owned - no chain restaurants or established brands here.
Esquire Magazine

About the book

At seven miles wide and seven miles long, San Francisco is best understood by those who (mostly) hoof it. So though we’re both locals, photographer Meghan and I hit the pavement to explore the city and all its enclaves to bring you the finest bars, eateries, sights and shops to be found. The best moments came when we took a wrong turn and accidentally walked into a gem. While Meghan clicked away, I would chat with the store’s owner who might suggest we check out her friend’s jewelry shop in the Castro. That trip would lead to a cozy bistro a few blocks away, which led to yet another new discovery. And on it went, like a never-ending treasure hunt.

Our favorites included here all represent San Francisco’s West Coast style, love of the handcrafted and adventurous appetite. Use our picks as starting points, but let your curiosity guide you. If you get lost and accidentally wander into tourist central, allow us, through this guide, to get you back on course.

About the author

A lover of bourbon and bonfires, Lauren Ladoceour is a food and lifestyle writer based in San Francisco’s Mission. Her job is mostly to hang out with chefs and bartenders and then write about it for magazines such as Food Arts, San Francisco and Yoga Journal. But come Saturday, she’s working on her biannual Weekend Almanac. She fully believes life happens Friday through Sunday, and the best way to experience it is to get out of the house and try something new.
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