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Heading to Toronto, but want to do more than visit the CN Tower and order poutine? Allow The HUNT to help you get to know The Six the way the locals do. The HUNT team has donned their curatorial colored glasses and carefully selected 100 or so unique, authentic local businesses that range from eye-popping and brand spankin’ new to deeply patinaed and way off the beaten path, funky and unexpected to chic and shiny. Over the last decade, our award-winning guides have become the go-to source for a worldwide community of locals and travelers who seek out genuine, intriguing independent businesses.
The Hunt
The heart of the city is a labyrinth that draws together the essence of everything sacred and profane: gilded temple spires, gleaming shopping malls and ornate skyscrapers stand alongside tented noodle stands, blanket-on-the-pavement palm readers and, of course, those infamous bars.

But for all its glitz and hubbub, Bangkok never loses sight of its essential Thai-ness. Outside office buildings, employees stop to offer flowers, incense and prayers to roofed spirit shrines; wheeled carts at curbsides hawk herbal remedies alongside espresso slingers and trendy fashion booths created by guerrilla designers. As varied as it is vast, it’s impossible to be bored in Bangkok.
The Hunt
Aside from being known as the home of Amazon, Microsoft, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Starbucks and Nirvana, Seattle is a dynamic city with incredible seafood, wonderful shops, unconventional cocktail bars and copious outdoor activities; but there’s much more to explore in this alluring metropolis. In The HUNT Seattle, resident and author Jenise Silvia offers insider information on scrumptious cuisine, enthralling art galleries, distinctive boutique and memorable lifestyle experiences in The Emerald City in order to help readers infuse local flavor into their trip.
The Hunt
U.K. & Europe Cities Boxed Set
The HUNT U.K. & Europe Cities Boxed Set includes guides to Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris and Rome. With these in hand, you’ll feel at home in any of these dynamic international cities. Whether you’re seeking delectable tapas and apéritifs in Barcelona, the enthralling art and culture scene in Berlin, the finest tea boutiques in London, the trendiest fashion labels in Paris or spectacular architecture in Rome, you’ll find authentic, under-the-radar establishments that add soul and character to these wondrous metropolises in these books.
The Hunt
Well known for its breathtaking and stunning beaches, Miami is a paradise for anyone who enjoys basking under the sun and sipping on cocktails at the seaside. With The HUNT Miami in hand, travelers can navigate easily and find parks, hotels, restaurants, museums, shops and live music venues within the same vicinity. Whether you wish to spend lazy afternoons on a beautiful, white-sand beach, savor top-notch cuisine with amazing views or dance to Latin beats, The HUNT Miami will clue you in to all the insider information, ensuring that your trip is a fabulous one.
The Hunt
Berlin is a vibrant city filled with rich culture, prestigous fashion houses and exciting music festivals. But there’s a more secretive side to the German capital than that. In The HUNT Berlin, resident and author Hilda Hoy provides insider recommendations on authentic Turkish eateries, enthralling art galleries and edgy shops in this lively city’s buzzing enclaves, so that readers can infuse flavor that is truly local into their trip.
The Hunt
Washington, D.C.
Washington, D.C. is much more than a government town. Though it does have its fair share of politicians and bureaucrats, if you scratch the surface you’ll find a bustling, hip metropolis where wanderlusters can find food, fashion, art and culture scenes. The HUNT Washington, D.C. gives readers an expert’s perspective, and you’ll quickly fall in love with D.C.’s historical charm and diverse communities. Sartorialists can make their way to the trendiest boutiques filled with the latest designs, gourmands can look forward to scrumptious dishes prepared by world-class chefs and art enthusiasts can delight in stimulating exhibits in astonishing museums and galleries found off the beaten path.
The Hunt
Well-known for it’s spectacular architecture, incredible food culture and rich history, Italy’s magnificient capital offers a plethora of age-old monuments, charming streets and picturesque vistas. But there’s much more to Rome than that. In The HUNT Rome, resident and author Livia Hengel provides insider recommendations on mouthwatering eateries, impressive contemporary art galleries and fantastic shops in The Eternal City’s buzzing enclaves, so to help readers infuse flavor that is truly local into their trip.
The Hunt
Global Cities Boxed Set
With The HUNT: Global Cities Boxed Set on hand, you will feel at home when you find yourself in any of these great international cities. This boxed set includes our essential city guides –Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco and our recent release, Paris – perfect for when you are on the road for either business or pleasure. Whether it’s the trendiest independent boutiques in London, the sleekest hidden bars in New York, the tastiest dim sum hole-in-the-walls in Hong Kong, the finest family-run bakeries in Paris or the most scenic hikes in San Francisco, any international traveler will find lesser-known establishments in these books that offer the real, local side of these vibrant metropolises.
The Hunt
U.S. Cities Boxed Set
Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, The HUNT: U.S. Cities Boxed Set will provide the best restaurants, bars, shops and lifestyle offerings each city has to explore. This boxed set includes our popular city guides – Austin, New York, San Francisco and our latest additions, Boston and New Orleans – which is perfect for road trippers and wanderlusters. These compact guides include helpful features tailored to each place, letting you know where to find the tastiest barbecue in Austin, belly up to watch the game in Boston, listen to jazz in New Orleans, have brunch in New York and shop at the most exclusive places in San Francisco.
The Hunt
Vancouver is a diverse cosmopolitan city, where it’s not uncommon to find Thai, Japanese and Greek restaurants in the same block as microbreweries, theaters and boutiques. Though you’re spoiled for choice, knowing where is worthy of your dollar is another story. Residents and authors Adrian Harris and Jeremy Inglett, known as The Food Gays, provide recommendations on stellar eateries, impressive art spaces and the most-loved stores in this city’s buzzing enclaves, to help readers infuse local flavor into their trip.
The Hunt
Sydney is a vibrant city with world-famous landmarks, stunning beaches, tranquil parks, worthy coffee shops and unconventional cocktail bars with champion mixologists, but few people are familiar with the city’s more secretive side. Resident Jasmine Crittenden provides her insider recommendations on restaurants with mouth-watering cuisine, memorable lifestyle experiences, enthralling galleries and the most colorful, distinctive boutiques around town, to help readers infuse local flavor into their trip.
The Hunt
Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro is an amazing city with creative street art, bustling markets, soulful music — samba, bossa nova, forro, baile funk — and natural features, which all celebrate the joy of living there. The HUNT Rio de Janeiro has so much to offer and provides resident Tom Le Mesurier’s recommendations on scrumptious eating destinations, memorable lifestyle experiences, enthralling art spaces and the most colorful, distinctive stores in this city’s buzzing enclaves, to help readers infuse local flavor into their trip.
The Hunt
Enchanting and irresistible, Barcelona is an exciting destination for travelers seeking an adventurous, fun-filled holiday rife with delectable food and drinks, and entertaining nightlife. The HUNT Barcelona will provide readers with an
 expert’s perspective, making it easy to explore the 
city and fall in love with its rich culture and heritage.
Fashionistas can look forward to visiting the trendiest
 boutiques; gourmands can savor top-notch cuisine with breathtaking views and architecture buffs can delight in spectacular, groundbreaking works.
The Hunt
Known for its role in early American history, top-notch universities, strong accent and sports teams, Boston has a long, loud reputation. But it’s much more than colonial tours, college kids and Red Sox fans. Boston is a beautiful city – think cobblestone streets lined with brownstones, as well as soaring skyscrapers – with a thriving food scene and so many nightlife options that you won’t be in bed before 2am. We’ve curated the most exciting spots this city has to offer, from boutiques on posh Newbury Street as well as in funky Jamaica Plain, to the swankiest places to sip cocktails, and the restaurants locals flock to for lobstah and chowdah.
The Hunt
The HUNT Shanghai will help you to navigate the incredible urban sprawl by directing you to pétanque courts, modish speakeasies behind unmarked doors, bike shops, impressive galleries and museums, lively night markets, an eclectic collection of local designers, as well as cafés and bistros in hidden laneways, away from buzzing crowds. This user-friendly guide also includes venue addresses with the nearest cross street provided in English, in its phonetic Pinyin translation and in Mandarin characters — handy to show to cab drivers.
The Hunt
Well-known for its impressive skyscrapers and majestic buildings, quintessential American city Chicago is home to one of the most diverse populations in the country. The HUNT Chicago clues both locals and visitors in to the most inviting destinations to dine, drink and shop from unexpected vintage stores to stunning art galleries, legendary steakhouses to swanky rooftop cocktails bars.
The Hunt
Paris is known as a romantic city for lovers, but it’s really for any and all bon vivants seeking epicurean treats, art and architecture, artisanal craftsmanship and everything in between. We’ve mapped out and included the places that make Paris truly vibrant, from swanky wine bars to quaint patisseries, innovative artists’ studios to classic perfumeries, bustling markets to luxurious outdoor spots.
The Hunt
New Orleans
New Orleans has a big reputation. Known for the partying on raucous Bourbon Street, the lavish parades of Mardis Gras and as a haunted city chock full of ghosts. We’ve curated the most exciting spots this city has to offer from costume shops to outdoor oases, the most creative cocktail bars far from the tourists on Bourbon Street and the live music venues that can’t be missed.
The Hunt
New York City
There’s no other city in the world quite like New York. Fact. The must-see list is mind boggling, and more than a little likely to induce a serious case of FOMO. From the sceney hipster enclaves of Brooklyn to the cobblestone streets in Greenwich Village that still echo the Beat generation, there’s something about the chaotic, anything goes melting-pot that is NYC. This quick-change artist is capable of transforming overnight, but don’t worry – we’re here to show you our time-tested stalwarts, the new up-and-comers, and everything in between.
The Hunt
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is where remnants of tradition and old-world colonialism collides with Chinese modernity at breakneck speed. They say a New York minute is a Hong Kong second, and it certainly feels that way in the ‘Fragrant Harbor’. Soaring mountains cascade down into one of the world’s most densely populated cities, packed with hole-in-the-wall noodle shops, luxury hotels, hedonistic nightclubs, and world-class shopping. But you’ve also got outer lying villages where time has stood still for centuries, and secluded hiking trails with nary a soul to be seen. These contrasts only heighten HK’s intrigue.
The Hunt
‘Hunting’ in this Texan city is effortless: there are always fantastic bands lighting up the night, or a brand new restaurant luring you in by the nostrils. So don your finest cowboy hat and drop into an art gallery/yoga studio for a stretch and some culture, enjoy the finest New American cuisine, strum on a vintage guitar at a classic musicians’ mecca, and soak up the sun with a dip in the most glorious springs and creeks.
The Hunt
Movember Series
Gatehouse Publishing and The HUNT Guides are proud to put down our razors this month along with millions of other men around the world in support of the Movember Foundation. For the past two years, we've worked with the Movember Foundation to produce and distribute a custom city guide series dedicated to those independent, passionate businesses in each city that truly embody the Movember spirit. You can find all of these guides in businesses around the world and also as free downloads on this website. If you’d like to get involved with the Movember Foundation, please visit movember.com … ‘stache on Mo bros.
The Hunt
Approach Frankfurt by car or by train and, still miles away, the skyline will greet you, small and toy-like, a movie-set painted on the horizon. In the moment that I see it, I feel something that I have never felt for another city, and the sight of the skyline is a welcome home. She is a city that does not reveal herself quickly. Consider this guide then as a few whispered secrets from someone who has been on the hunt here for years and who in the chase, fell in love with this enigmatic city and found herself, finally, home.
The Hunt
We thought we knew this city inside and out, and then we worked on this book. What unfurled was a journey of discovery and an all-encompassing appreciation for a city oozing with independent creative talents, quirky English experiences, and the rich tapestry of pretty much every nationality in existence.
The Hunt
San Francisco
Though we don't like to play favorites, we do love working on this particular title. Wandering around San Francisco and the East Bay on a warm, sun-filled day, where everything seems touched by gold and the bay sparkles – there's nowhere else like it. It's on these days that even when we’re circling for a parking spot for the 15th time, our love for the city stays intact.
The Hunt
Singapore seems to be having a moment. Though you may have heard of its strict reputation, this city-state is much more than a safe, clean Southeast Asian haven – it’s a rich melting pot that is friendly, vibrant and delightfully multi-faceted. The little red dot has prospered over the years and in addition to becoming a major international player in the business world, it’s become well-known for its incredible international cuisine, delightful shopping experiences, stunning architecture and burgeoning art scene. A cosmopolitan metropolis, Singapore is not a destination to be missed.

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An ATX Vintage Shopping Bonanza

While it’s still socially acceptable in most parts of Austin, Texas to saunter around in flip flops and lake-ready cutoffs, that doesn’t mean Austinites don’t enjoy getting a little dolled up every now and then. The preferred style poison? Vintage. You’ll find no greater concentration of pre-loved than on South…

48 Hours in New Orleans

If you were to describe New Orleans as a woman, you’d most likely say she is exquisitely beautiful but slightly past her prime; someone clearly experienced in the ways of the world and possessed of a certain come-hither decadence who is not to be underestimated. There’s a sense of the…

Tiki-tastic Libations

Sometimes, a drink full of rum, coconut, fruit and a little umbrella is exactly what you need. Get your fill of all things tiki with these bars from Seattle to Chicago to Amsterdam. Cane & Table – New Orleans The sophisticated Cane & Table is proto-tiki in all the right…

48 Hours in Miami

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, Miami is the window to pastelitos, coladas and the good life. Between its amazing year-round weather, its abundant opportunities for recreation and access to the hottest shopping, cuisine, nightlife and people, it is a bon vivant’s dream destination. This is the type of…

Singapore’s Booming Bespoke Cocktail Scene

There’s perhaps nothing as luxurious as something made just for you. This doesn’t only mean sartorial items – it extends to booze, too. Though the drinking scene in Singapore is strong, with tons of incredible (and award-winning!) bars sprinkled across the island, sometimes we you really want is for a…

Eccentric Museums in Amsterdam.

While many visitors stick to the popular attractions like the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam is home to a plethora of smaller weird and wacky museums that are equally deserving of a visit. Whether you’re a cat fanatic or just want the opportunity to explore a stunning former…

48 Hours in Melbourne

Discovering Melbourne’s finest facets requires a little hide-and-seek. Though it doesn’t have the sweeping harbor views of some Australian cities, it is the country’s coffee capital, and there’s a quiet charm that lies in its undercurrent of cool. Brunch is a religion here and the gems in this storied town…

Discover Turkish Berlin

Were it not for the influence of its hundreds of thousands of Turkish residents, Berlin would be a much less interesting place. These immigrants are the largest non-European minority here, and they have left a distinct mark on Kreuzberg in particular. Rub shoulders with them every Tuesday and Friday at…

48 Hours in London

London is timeless. It might be seen as the land of afternoon tea-drinkers, nibbling on dainty sandwiches and scones, or the land of beer-drinkers enjoying the many pubs as soon as the working day ends, but while these clichés are true, there is so much more. This city offers something…

Sweet Summery Treats

Craving something sweet? We’ve rounded up the best spots for ice cream, gelato, sorbet and sno-bliz from San Francisco to Singapore. Al’s Diner – Shanghai Summer temperatures regularly top 40°C (100°F) in Shanghai. When coupled with the accompanying humidity, it’s all HUNT Shanghai writer Sophie Friedman can do to crawl…

Al Fresco Dining across the U.S.

Summertime is in full swing, which means city-dwellers are spending as much time out of doors as they can handle. Check out our writer’s recommendations on where to dine al fresco in cities all across the U-S-of-A. Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill – New York City Summer in New…

48 Hours in Washington, D.C.

Known primarily as a city of politicians and bureaucrats, Washington, D.C. often gets a bad rap. But after living in the US capital for seven years, The HUNT Washington, D.C. writer, Cori Sue Morris, has watched the District grow, and can tell you that everything she loves about the place…

Rio de Janeiro’s (Nearly) Private Beaches

When it comes to beaches in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, most people make a beeline for one of the big two: Ipanema and Copacabana. When they get there, however, they often find things are seriously overcrowded. Luckily, Rio has more than 40 other beaches to choose from, many* of which…

Melbourne’s Best Brunch Spots.

Brunch fare is practically synonymous with Melbourne, and no matter what the weather looks like outside, cafés fill the minute day breaks. Whether it’s an antioxidant-packed açaí bowl, chili scrambled eggs or breakfast salad, you name it, we’ve got it. At BAWA Café‘s tropical oasis, it’s not surprise to find…

48 Hours in Sydney

Sydney’s dramatic harbor and powerful landmarks – from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge to Bondi Beach – are famous all over the world, but few people are acquainted with the city’s more secretive side. For every busy beach, there’s a hidden cove where you’d be lucky to see…

Europe’s Swankiest Digs

Looking for accommodations can be a slog, especially when you aren’t super familiar with a city. Fortunately, our HUNT writers across the UK and Europe have scoured their towns for the top boutique hotels available and we’ve rounded up our picks from Barcelona to London to Amsterdam. G-Rough – Rome With…

Where to Celebrate Summer in the UK & Europe

The sun’s out, flowers are in bloom and summer is in full swing. Whether you want to soak up the rays in Berlin, cool down with a sweet treat in Rome or wile away a lazy afternoon in Parisian style, The HUNT Guides have you covered on where to  celebrate…

48 Hours in Paris

It wouldn’t be difficult to write a lengthy novel on reasons to fall in love with Paris. One of the city’s greatest traits is the way it opens up and allows you to discover what’s to love about it on your own. Surprisingly smaller than you might expect, it’s easy…

Where to Catch Live Tunes in Austin

On any given night, you can wander down the streets of Austin, Texas and hear live bands wailing through doorways. Music purveyors and appreciators exist on such a wide spectrum here that come nightfall, you can usually find something to suit your precise taste and mood – though HUNT Austin…

Celebrating Pride in San Francisco

During the last week of every June, the Pride celebration takes over San Francisco, most notably with a fabulous parade that rolls down Market Street from Beale to 8th Streets.  But even if you’re not in town for the extravaganza, you can get a taste of Pride any night of…

48 Hours in Seattle

It’s been said that Seattle, like Rome, is defined by seven hills. A stretch perhaps, but in the 15 years that HUNT Seattle writer Jenise Silva has lived there, she’s witnessed a dizzying number of events that have helped shape the town from the  WTO protests in 1999, the first…

The Definitive Guide to Tailors in Bangkok

Tailors are as prolific as massage parlors in Bangkok, due mainly to the comparatively bargain prices (think US$500 for a bespoke cashmere suit) and amazingly speedy turnaround times: in these parts, customized shirts and trousers can be created in 48 hours with only one fitting. That said, you probably won’t…

Sneak Peek of The HUNT Melbourne

Discovering Melbourne’s finest facets requires a little hide-and-seek. Though it doesn’t have the sweeping harbor views of some Australian cities, it is the country’s coffee capital, and there’s a quiet charm that lies in its undercurrent of cool. Brunch is a religion here and the gems in this storied town…

48 Hours in Hong Kong

From admiring the soaring skyscrapers to strolling in historic streets, from discovering galleries and unique boutiques to lazing on a junk boat, different things await you every day in Hong Kong. By day follow hiking trails that lead to white sandy beaches, villages on stilts or ancient monasteries, and by…

Father’s Day Dining Guide

This Father’s Day, instead of wracking your brain trying to figure out the best present (Another tie? Another barbecue sauce trio? More golf balls?) treat the father figure in your life to an incredible meal at one of these restaurants across the globe. Café de Klos – Amsterdam Looking for…

Sneak Peek at The HUNT Amsterdam

Composed of a vast labyrinth of canals, steep 17th-century houses that lean on one another like age-old friends and a maze of dazzling cobblestone streets and bridges, Amsterdam is a small city that packs a big punch of charm. With some of the most notable museums in the world, relaxed…

48 Hours in Berlin

In many ways, Berlin defies description. It has never been the prettiest or most polished European city, and yet it has easily enchanted so many – not just today, but in many generations past. When David Bowie moved to Berlin in the late 1970s to record what would be some…

D.C.’s Swankiest Speakeasies

Washington has a number of hideaways dedicated to the art of the cocktail, in rather varied aesthetics and neighborhoods. The Gibson, the District’s first and premier secret drinking destination, transport you so thoroughly back to the 1920s that you’d swear you stepped into a time machine, if it weren’t for…

Lakefront Activities in Chicago

According to our HUNT Chicago writer, Matt Kirouac, few cities are as aquatically obsessed as Chicago. He posits that it’s the lack of a sea view that makes Chicagoans truly appreciate Lake Michigan, interacting with it in any way they can, as often as they can. But, you’d never really…

48 Hours in New York City.

There’s no other city in America more magnificent, luminescent and grandiose than New York City. There’s a bold, ambitious drive that allows groundbreaking ideas and yellow cabs to speed ahead. Nothing seems to faze New Yorkers: not the tight quarters, not the noise pollution, not even the G train ….

The Finest Cocktails in Shanghai

For a night out in China’s capital of cool, HUNT Shanghai writer Sophie Friedman recommends getting dressed up and going out for an upscale bar crawl in order to imbibe as wide a range of the delicious cocktails being created around town. Start at proper speakeasy Speak Low, the entrance…

Panoramic Dining in Hong Kong.

Not lacking in the gorgeous waterfront department, Hong Kong boasts many restaurants and bars that provide a winning blend of great food, killer drinks and amazing panoramic views. But these five are The HUNT Hong Kong writer, Grace Entry‘s, picks for a fantastic, sparkling night out. Right in the heart of…

48 Hours in Bangkok

Bangkok – the name explodes off the tongue, filling the mind with steamy images of the Thai capital. Even the most jaded traveler will be humbled by the sheer density and volume of this metropolis; the population is somewhere near 10 million – no one knows precisely. But one thing…

North America’s Hippest Hotels

Choosing a hotel can be an overwhelming experience – there are so many options and so many booking sites that it can be hard to know where to even start. That’s where we come in. Check out our picks for the hippest hotels in North America, from Austin to Vancouver,…

The Most Stylish Home Décor Emporiums in Vancouver.

Whether you’ve just moved to Vancouver, are redesigning your living room or want to pick up a memento of your trip to the British Columbia capital that can adorn your home, these fantastic, independently owned home décor and interior design shops suggested by The HUNT Vancouver authors, The Food Gays,…

48 Hours in Toronto

Though HUNT Toronto writer Amanda Scriver has traveled the world, Toronto is the only place she calls home. The largest city in Canada, it’s a vibrant place, populated with residents who are huge on supporting local in a big way: you’ll no doubt notice bars and restaurants touting their use…

Curious Museums in London

When in London, you’re not short of choice when it comes to museums, but it’s well-worth making sure some of the less obvious options are on your list. These lesser-known collections and carefully preserved homes of notable figures are just as deserving – and one might say far more interesting…

Which U.S. City Should The HUNT Guides Add Next?

We want to know which U.S. city you guys want to see as the next installment in our (ahem, award-winning) travel series, The HUNT Guides. Use the poll below to let us know what your pick would be. Don’t see your choice? Then sound off in comments.

48 Hours in Barcelona.

With shimmering golden sands, pine-scented mountains, 2,000-year-old labyrinthine streets and dazzling Modernista architecture, Barcelona is a whirlwind romance of a city, an irresistible temptress that seduces at every turn. From people-watching and tapas bar-hopping through the old fisherman’s quarter to exploring museums, ateliers and indie stores of the old town,…

Pamper Your Mom at these Salons & Spas Around the World this Mother’s Day!

Stumped on a present for the mother figure in your life this year? We think that a spa session is always a wonderful treat – luxurious, indulgent and oh-so relaxing. Booking your mom an appointment at any of these spas and salons around the world is a marvelous way to…

48 Hours in Shanghai

When you think China, you think temples, dumplings, pollution and communism, am I right? Shanghai’s got all that, sure, but it’s also unlike any other Chinese city. It’s not just that it’s the biggest – though it is, with 24 million people – or that it’s home to Shanghai Tower,…

The Tastiest Mexican Eats & Drinks for Cinco de Mayo

Get excited ladies and gents, because today is that venerable holiday, Cinco de Mayo. Whether you’re observing the day of remembrance of the Mexican victory of France, or just really craving a killer taco and giant margarita, we’ve rounded up some of the ultimate places to get your fix around…

Soaking Up the Sun in Miami

  Besides killer Cuban sandwiches, refreshing mojitos and bumping DJ sets, Miami’s main draw is that year-round sunshine. In order to help you get your fill of Vitamin D, The HUNT Miami writer, Margarita Wells, has shared her favorite outdoor oases in The Magic City. Matheson Hammock Park Lover of…

48 Hours in Rio de Janeiro

  Rio’s locals call their beloved home Cidade Maravilhosa – the Marvelous City. If that sounds a little boastful then wait until you get here; you’ll soon see it isn’t an idle claim. Rio cast its spell over The HUNT Rio de Janeiro writer, Tom Le Mesurier, in stages. First,…

Swankiest Cocktail Bars in The UK and Europe

It’s Friday night! Whether you’re heading out for a sophisticated post-work drink or are celebrating the weekend, here are the spots around the UK and Europe that should be on your must-try cocktail list. Starting off in Barcelona, let’s get one thing cleraed up: it’s a common misconception that sangria…

Rainy Day Hideaways in Paris

This may come as a surprise, but Paris actually gets more rain than London, despite the latter’s reputation for gray skies and drizzle. Unfortunately, this means that you shouldn’t be shocked during the summer when the clouds roll in and your carefully curated Parisian picnic has to move indoors. Luckily,…

48 Hours in Rome

The resplendent capital of one of the world’s most ancient and powerful empires, Rome is truly an eternal city that continues to astound visitors and residents alike with its age-old monuments, artistic achievements and alluring lifestyle. It is literally built on layers, and odes to antiquity are everywhere. This predilection…

Eco-Friendly Everything, No Matter Your Destination

    Though Earth Day is this weekend, sustainability is not just something to celebrate on one day – it’s a lifestyle that extends way beyond remembering to separate plastic from paper when taking the recycling out to the curb. When traveling, be sure to check out these makers, kitchens…

Quintessential NYC Nosh

New York City is renowned for a lot of things, but food might be the most important. Sure, you can grab a bagel, slice and cuppa cawffee, on nearly every block, but if you’re looking for the best in can’t-miss NYC eats, then swing by these suggestions, whether you’re looking…

48 Hours in Boston

  No matter if you’re running in the Boston Marathon, cheering someone on, or visiting the Massachusetts capital for the first or fiftieth time, this American city is as close as you can get to Europe without flying overseas. It’s an insanely clean, breathtakingly gorgeous place where cobblestone streets, gas-lit…

Best Seafood Spots for Good Friday

Whether you’re observing Lenten traditions this Good Friday, prescribe to a pescatarian diet or are simply craving a dose of Omega 3, The HUNT Guides can help you figure out where to eat, no matter where you may be. Barcelona Though La Cova Fumada is rumored to be where Barcelona’s…

The Hippest Boutique Stays in Asia Pacific

If you’re anything like the team at The HUNT Guides, when you go on vacation, you don’t spend much time in your hotel room – there’s just too much to see, do and taste! That said, there are few things better than retiring to your room after a long day…

48 Hours in Singapore

There’s a time when every city comes of age, and for Singapore, that time is right now. You may have heard of its strict reputation, but the Singapore we know is more than just a clean, safe city-state; it’s friendly, vibrant and delightfully multi-faceted. A rich melting pot of people,…

Sneak peek into The HUNT London – Zucca

  Situated near the end of one of London’s most renowned streets for dining, Zucca takes the local competition in its stride. With a traditional Italian kitchen presenting smartly sourced food in a pleasantly contemporary and spacious setting, it’s easy to see how this place maintains its popularity. Emphasis is…

Meeting MISCHA – An interview with Michelle Lai

Michelle Lai’s eponymous bag label MISCHA began as a hobby which swiftly grew into a full time gig and then some. From her handmade, one-of-a-kind clutches made from vintage Japanese obis and kimonos to her ultra-stylish totes in a signature print, this gal has bagged herself (ahem, excuse the pun)…


Who doesn’t love SF? If you want to explore the City by the Bay beyond the well-trodden trail of cable cars, now-defunct prisons and touristy seafood joints, pick up a copy of The HUNT San Francisco. This beautiful little book fits snugly in the back pocket of your jeans, or…

The Travelling Chopsticks

Armed with a suitcase and a spatula, Alex Estrada from foodie travel blog The Travelling Chopsticks eats her way around the world; posting recipes, restaurant and hotel reviews, and travel experiences along the way. The British-Swede grew up in Singapore and has also lived in the UK, Mexico and Brazil, sprouting…


For all you last minute Lucy’s out there who have yet to buy your holiday gifts, naughty naughty.  Are you waiting for the elves to do your work for you? Well, have no fear, The HUNT is here with some nifty places to score fabulous and artisanal gifts. Read on…

SOXKS – Give Your Feet a Treat

  Arthur Burnand and Matt Bowden are sock connoisseurs. The dapper duo are both hardworking corporate cats who have a penchant for below the belt necessities. We’re talking the kind that cover your…um…feet. The result is SOXKS, a fun, vibrant take on the usually dour, plain black variety. The HUNT…


So we’ve hit the landmark mid-way point in Movember, and in case you’ve been living under a rock or in Timbuktu, you’ll probably have noticed an increase of furry faces on the streets… No, it’s not Burt Reynolds tribute month, it’s all in aid of men’s health and raising awareness…

Unique Interior Shops Around the World

There’s nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea, sipped in that one-of-a-kind antique porcelain cup from a Parisian flea market, and reminiscing over langorous days enjoying multiple croissants and café au laits. Or snuggling up on the couch, reclining against those well-worn Ikat-print cushions, bought for a song…

WOK N’STROLL with Karni Tomer, Food Explorer

The affable, Israeli-born Karni is a self-professed food explorer. When she moved to the Lion City five years ago, she made it her mission to eat her way through the markets, hawker stalls and local restaurants of Singapore.  She is a smiling culinary beacon that will lead you through the…

Carry On – The Rise of The Leather Satchel Co

I’m obsessed with handbags. I absolutely adore bags of all kind- this season’s oversized clutches, minaudieres, totes, hobos, messengers, slings… You get my drift. But the bags that get pulled out of my closet time and time again are the larger, more practical ones that can fit everything but the…

Meals on Wheels – The Food Truck Revolution

First it was Fro-Yo. Then it was cupcakes. Dessert bars started popping up like mushrooms in a forest. Peruvian cuisine became muy caliente. Tapas sharing plates became de riguer, Foraging for your food in Scandinavia is now considered a gastronomic experience, rather than the byproduct of a camping trip. And…


Canadian-born Matt Abergel has had Hong Kong’s foodies in a frenzy since launching Yardbird two years ago. They found success and critical acclaim with brilliantly simple chicken-only yakitori with a twist, in their stark, loud, sceney, Brooklyn-esque venue on Bridges street, which instantly became the hottest table in town. Now…

Artisan Boatworks

I grew up in a boating family. Every July I was sent on a week-long sailing course in the Swedish archipelago. Swedes are a hardy, sea faring people and I remember one particular “summer” when I was tossed into 11 degree waters for a routine swimming test. Besides me, none…

Father’s Day 2013

Father’s Day is nearly upon us, and we’ve scoured the globe to track down fabulous gifts from unique retailers to spoil your Pops with. Read on for our top picks. Amouage For discerning debonair Dads who like to smell their best, a bottle from the renowned Omani perfume house Amouage…

Like That One

Like many expats on this tiny island, I’m a bit sheepish about admitting that even though you can cross Singapore east to west in an hour, there are several neighbourhoods I’ve never set foot in – Bukit Batok in the west being one of them. However, in recent weeks I’ve…

Frock-ing good shopping at Willow & Huxley

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Willow & Huxley is a veritable candy store for grown-up gals, boasting racks full of carefully curated pieces that will take you from boardroom to bar in a flash. Tucked away at the far end of Amoy Street, this beautifully renovated shop is a…


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