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September 28, 2017

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The HUNT Boston writer Brittany Fischer would probably be met with resistance if she proclaimed that Boston’s professional sports teams are the best in the land. So she won’t; instead, she’ll just offer you the numbers, without commentary: since Y2K, Boston has claimed nine sports championships — more than any other city. Whether or not you’ll admit that this city’s teams are superior, walk into any of these bars and you’ll see that the enthusiasm of their hometown fans is unparalleled – their endearingly riled-up reactions can be as entertaining as the games themselves.

Bleacher Bar. Image by Eric Levin.

The legendary Fenway Park is the oldest baseball stadium in the country. The ultimate way to experience this historic icon is to head to Bleacher Bar, which sits beneath the seats in center field and features a giant window looking directly into the ballpark. Seriously.

The Baseball Tavern is the next best thing: a fly ball’s distance from Fenway, it has a roof deck with a panoramic view. Outdoor TV screens provide guests the opportunity to sunbathe and shout obscenities simultaneously. Don’t be fooled by the name — it’s not just for baseball. Brittany saw the ice hockey team, the Bruins, win the Stanley Cup here and will “nevah fahget it”.

For those willing to wait in line for a dive bar (and, believe it or not, many Bostonians are), try Stats Bar & Grille. Originally a local pub for Southie residents, it’s become a hangout for trendy local singles thanks to gentrification. But the bar has retained its gritty character, which means there’s something about this place that makes everyone inside attempt a Good Will Hunting impersonation.

Trophy Room. Courtesy of the venue.

In the South End, check out Trophy Room, a former sports bar for the gay crowd reimagined as an equally welcoming chef- and cocktail-driven spot with an elegant interior. The big hitter on the food menu is their spicy cauliflower buffalo “wing” dish that attracts patrons from all walks of life.

One of the oldest establishments in Boston, The Red Hat gives you everything you want from your friendly local watering hole, without a single frill. It’s the ultimate traditional pub, and its 10-cent wing specials have been drawing crowds for over 100 years.

About The HUNT Boston Writer: Brittany Fischer has been known to jump straight into a cab at the mere mention of an extraordinary meal, cocktail or shop. When asked what she majored in at Boston University (journalism), she deadpans, “Restaurants, coffee shops, bars and boutiques.” In the rare event that she is not eating, caffeinating, drinking, shopping or writing, she’s on a long walk, wearing headphones and extremely impractical shoes, scouting out new places to go.

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