Where to Find Amsterdam’s Most Delicious Burgers

September 21, 2017

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When you think Amsterdam, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not juicy, delicious burgers. But, as it happens, the Dutch capital has a wealth of haunts serving up scrumptious, multi-layered beefy goodness, and The HUNT Amsterdam writer Ali Ronca has rounded up the five must-try spots in her city.

Smokin’ Barrels. Image via website.

Smokin’ Barrels is without a doubt top of the list. While the namesake creation is a tastebud-charmer, piled high with bacon, lettuce, tomato and chipotle ketchup, their burger and half lobster is the real crowd pleaser. Served with house-made fries and salad, this juicy, buttery marriage of the ultimate surf and turf is surprisingly wallet-friendly.

However, when it comes to meat, Rotisserie Amsterdam knows how to prep the fattest, tastiest patty in town. With numerous carnivorous nibbles on the menu, including The F***ing Everything (a platter of wings, ribs, onion rings and fried chicken) Ali still urges you to opt for the royal with cheese, a massive burger with a double beef patty topped with cheddar, tomato, lettuce, pickles and sauce. Their burger is arguably superlative, and their add-on menu makes the patty that much better: you can choose from jalapeños, bacon, “chili crunch,” avocado, pulled chicken, grilled onion or kimchi, amongst a sea of other topping options.

The Butcher. Image via website.

The Butcher, located in de Pijp, serves what is perhaps the biggest sandwich in town. The Daddy consists of 250g (a half pound) of prime Aberdeen Angus topped with melty Edam, bacon, grilled onion and barbecue sauce. In addition to serving this monster, there’s a secret cocktail bar located behind the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a late-night munch, Cannibale Royale is centrally located and one of the only establishments in town to serve hearty fare late into the evening. Their titular creation is piled high with sauerkraut, roasted pulled pork, English cheddar, fried onions and bourbon-flavored barbecue sauce.

Thrill Grill. Image by Ali Ronca.

Then there’s Thrill Grill, which started out as a beloved food truck. After a short pop-up stint on Wolvenstraat, the burger slinger has now found a permanent home in de Pijp. The classic beef thriller is the establishment’s signature, made from 100% natural Dutch beef, tomato, lettuce, cheese, red onion, bacon and a sweetly tangy “thriller” sauce. Order a side of truffle Parmesan fries to accompany your burger and soak up every last drop of stray sauce.

About The HUNT Amsterdam Writer: Born in Boston, raised in Maine, schooled in Vermont and England, and finally settled in Amsterdam, Ali Ronca is a roaming girl with an unshakable smile whose soul food is all things fascinating and foreign. When she’s not writing or traveling, Ali can be found cruising around Amsterdam on her ombre bicycle, absorbed in a novel, sprawled out on a yoga mat or feeding her bottomless stomach great, simple food. You can follow her daily Dutch adventures at amsterdamandbeyond.com.

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