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September 11, 2017

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It’s no secret that Australia is particular about its coffee – which is why they produce some of the best cups in the world. But when you head Down Under, not just any old café is going to impress with their brew of the day which is why we’re chuffed to provide a bit of guidance on the best spots to caffeinate in Sydney and Melbourne.

In sunny Sydney, you can’t go wrong with any of these five coffee houses:

Single Origin. Courtesy of the venue.

Single Origin Roasters, also known as Single O, roasts their beans with solar power in Botany. Though they run a café there and another in the CBD, the Surry Hills hole-in-the-wall founded in 2003, is the original. When you swing by, oopt for the signature Reservoir blend or choose one of four single origins on offer. If those aren’t for you, take heart: espresso, cold brews and pour-overs are all on the menu.

Mecca’s baristas have coffee-making down to a razor-precise art. With a decade’s worth of perfection to their name, they have several outlets around the city, but no matter which one you hit up, you’ll most likely find yourself in a queue; but don’t worry, it’ll move quickly and the rewards are worth it.

Pablo and Rusty’s. Courtesy of the venue.

Pablo and Rusty’s sources all their beans from farmers they’ve actually shaken hands with. So, when you take a seat in their sunny, airy CBD outpost, you know exactly what you’re getting – be it the nectarine- and vanilla-flavored Cruz Gorda, grown 1,400 m (4,600 ft) above sea level in El Salvador, or the San Sebastian, cultivated at 1,800 m (5,900 ft) altitude in Panama and boasting notes of pineapple, papaya and sweet pastry.

Slip behind the ”bookshelf” at Little Marionette in Annandale (it’s a deceivingly realistic painting of a bookshelf, not the real thing) and you’ll discover a secret room in this playful hideaway. The HUNT Sydney writer Jasmine Crittenden often lingers over her coffee here, sinking into a Chesterfield and staring out the big windows. The longer you stay, the harder it is to resist a pastry, provided daily by Black Star.

Also in the Inner West is Coffee Alchemy. Owner Hazel de los Reyes was Australia’s 2005 Champion Barista and won the Cupping Championship in 2006, so whether you order a smooth Sibila’s Brew or a smoky Paracelsus Punch (two of the brand’s six signature blends), you’re in good hands.

Down in Melbourne, there are plenty of places to grab a cuppa, but here are five fail-safe joints from The HUNT Melbourne writer Amelia Chia that serve up a mean flat white and long black:

Patricia Coffee Brewers. Image by Bethany Larson Bloch.

Patricia Coffee Brewers is a no-frills, standing-room only institution hidden amidst towering corporate buildings in the CBD. Reminiscent of European coffee bars, this isn’t a place to sit and have long chats, but if you are after a deliciously smooth java, you’ll get it here. Owner Bowen Holden offers a house blend as well as a single origin from local roaster Seven Seeds, and his knowledgeable team is always happy to explain anything to you.

Down the middle of the CBD is Everyday Midtown. While the original outpost in Collingwood encourages people to linger over black filter brews, co-owner Mark Free has designed this location to be a takeaway destination to serve those on-the-go. Heads up, their banana bread is as legit as the coffee.

Burnside is the cute corner shop in Fitzroy everyone notices when they drive past. Located at the junction of Smith and Gertrude Streets, the floor-to-ceiling windows inspire peeks into its bright, open space. There’s no pretense here, just a cracking cup of joe with beans by Seven Seeds and sandwiches to-go.

Everyday Midtown. Image courtesy of the venue.

Dedicated to high-quality brews, Market Lane Coffee is Melbourne’s very own speciality roaster, café and retailer. They source beans from some of the world’s first-rate coffee growers and aim for a distinctive taste in each mug. Im a sucker for their flat white as its rich, fragrant and not overly acidic, and pairs nicely with buttered toast and fruit jam.

Tucked away amongst factories and warehouses in Richmond is Maker Fine Coffee, a hole-in-the-wall coffee bar that brews some of the best single origins and blends from Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia. One for the true connoisseur, they do an incredible Kenyan pour-over — it made my taste buds tingle with its bold fruit sweetness and a syrupy finish.

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