The Tastiest Patisseries in Paris

October 2, 2017

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Odette. Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

It’s hard not to eat your heart out in Paris. With so many tempting  delicacies at every turn, it’s a miracle the population stays so slim. But according to The HUNT Paris writer, Haleigh Walsworth, the locals do indulge. The secret is in the amount of walking they do. So if you do want to eat up, prepare to do likewise.

Sebastien Gaudard. Image via

Haleigh stumbled upon Sébastien Gaudard by chance walking down the  Rue des Martyrs one day. The most impeccable cake in the form of  Marie Antoinette in the window lured her in. Tasting Gaudard’s versions  of France’s greatest desserts, from the éclair to the Paris Brest, is a great way to relish a sugar rush.

Speaking of éclairs, at L’Éclair de Génie, Christophe Adam has given them a 21st-century twist. Colorful rows of new flavors like passion fruit milk chocolate, creamy fig, lemon yuzu and more look and taste heavenly. Haleigh loves to grab a few with a friend and eat them nearby on the banks of the Seine.

Also bringing a bit of modernity to French pastries, the so called “neo bakery,” Colorova on the Left Bank has some of the most stylish contemporary sweet creations. Chocolate cake layered with ganache and passion fruit cream, or speculoos and peanut mousse tarts are enough to make your mouth water.

Odette. Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

If you like your desserts bite-sized, visit Odette and pop some pâte à choux in your mouth. The owners rely on their grandmother’s recipe and from what Haleigh has tasted, they are making her proud.

About The HUNT Paris Writer: Haleigh Walsworth is a writer and photographer who moved to Paris on a whim. A bit of a romantic, she thought it would be the perfect place to live. Now a true Francophile, she feels more at home in the French capital than in her native California. Most of her time is spent producing lifestyle content for French fashion and beauty houses. When not at work in Paris or abroad, you can find her at home drinking lots of tea and writing short stories.

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