The Most Delish Pizza in Rome

October 4, 2017

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Habemus Pizza. Image via Twitter.

Pizza al taglio (by the slice) is a much beloved Roman bite and a perfect solution for a quick but satisfying take-away lunch. The basics are pizza rossa (tomato sauce and parsley), and pizza bianca (drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with coarse salt). The HUNT Rome writer Livia Hengel can attest that both are more appetizing than they may sound — in Italian cooking, simplicity reigns supreme. It’s common to order multiple slices, and a good rule of thumb is to try anything fresh out of the oven.

Pizzarium. Image by Livia Hengel.

You can find the most inventive creations at Pizzarium. It’s become a veritable mecca for foodies, so make your pilgrimage early because you’re bound to find plenty of company. The toppings cover every shade of the rainbow, from purple cauliflower and pink prosciutto to red bell peppers and green rocket, and are piled upon crisply baked pizza dough. Don’t miss the potato and mozzarella: it’s unforgettable.

Another pizza institution is Forno Campo de’Fiori, which has been around for over 30 years. It’s known for its delicate pizza bianca, which can be enjoyed plain or as a sandwich, stuffed with a wide array of ingredients, ranging from savory to sweet. Yes, pizza with Nutella is a thing in Italy. A very beautiful thing.

A terrific go-to in Trastevere is La Renella, which is so large that it has entrances on either side of two streets. The aroma of baking dough wafts in the air, beckoning you to stop by. The basic margherita is packed with flavor, and, in Livia’s book, you can’t go wrong with squash blossoms on pizza — they are as visually lovely as they are delicious.

La Renella. Image via Pinterest

Right around the corner is La Boccaccia, another eatery with dozens of enticing options. The dough is light, crunchy yet slightly chewy, and amply topped with  seasonal ingredients. The pumpkin with smoked provolone is moreish, as is the pizza with sliced zucchini and buffalo mozzarella.

If you need a speedy bite before or after visiting the Vatican, Habemus Pizza in Piazza del Risorgimento is a real diamond in the rough. The pie with pesto is Livia’s usual, but she also adores the simple pizza rossa with mushrooms. Bonus: the young men behind the counter are effusively cheerful and never fail to put her in a good mood.

About The HUNT Rome Writer: Livia Hengel is an Italian-American travel writer and photographer with a penchant for la dolce vita and a severe case of wanderlust. Originally born in Rome, she grew up moving around the globe and lived in the US, Peru, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Turkey before returning to Italy and ceding to a life filled with art, beauty and plenty of carbohydrates. When she’s not traveling or keeping up with Instagram, you can find Livia scoping out eateries in the city and extolling the virtues of cacio e pepe, her favorite Roman dish.

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