The Best Shops for Retail Therapy on Amsterdam’s Gerard Doustraat

October 5, 2017

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Blond. Image by Ali Ronca.

When The HUNT Amsterdam writer Ali Ronca first moved to de Pijp, the Gerard Doustraat was just another narrow residential street. Then adorable boutiques began popping up one by one, as if beckoning to one another to join an exclusive and fashionable party. Now, Gerard Doustraat is hot shopping real estate. You could easily close your eyes, spin in six circles and still manage to stumble into a shop where youll want to purchase everything.

All the Luck in the World. Image via

All the Luck in the World was one of the first stores to hop on the Gerard Doustraat bandwagon. When Ali wandered in here, she was enthralled by the delicate jewelry, intricately designed tableware and playful stationery. Their products are slightly more upscale than what you might find on the typical high street, but the prices are quite reasonable considering the splendid — and often handmade — quality of their luscious wares.

Right next door is Charlie + Mary, a designer that also focuses on well-made, handcrafted products. Their mantra is simple: clothing should be both created and worn with pride. Thus, their sustainable products are made with respect to the environment — animals and humans alike — and are oh-so fashionable. From simple, versatile white tunics to leather accessories, Charlie + Mary carries both men’s and women’s clothing that are worth wearing with dignity and delight.

Anna + Nina.

Then theres Anna + Nina: with exposed brick walls, dark wooden floors and chic furniture, this shop makes it all too easy to envision how every tote, frame and mug could sit effortlessly in your own home. While they sell everything from jewelry to home goods to sartorial items, some of my most loved finds are the strange wares that defy categorization, such as brass starfish candleholders and lime green parrot broaches, which add a bit of pizzazz to my life.

While many of shops have bits and bobs for the littles, De Kinderfeestwinkel (“The Kids Party Store”) specializes in everything you’d need to be a stand-out host, from baking necessities to playtime accessories. Even if you’ve yet to start a family, you’ll still wander in here every so often, just to soak up the spirited, multi-hued designs.

If you’re still in search of a burst of color, head to Blond’s flagship store. There’s an array of pastel-hued pottery pieces and splashy textiles. All products in the store have a recognizable pastel, jovial cartoon-like design featuring rosy-cheeked girls, that always makes Ali smile whether Ashe’s breezing by or dropping in.

About The HUNT Amsterdam Writer: Born in Boston, raised in Maine, schooled in Vermont and England, and finally settled in AmsterdamAli Ronca is a roaming girl with an unshakable smile whose soul food is all things fascinating and foreign. When she’s not writing or traveling, Ali can be found cruising around Amsterdam on her ombre bicycle, absorbed in a novel, sprawled out on a yoga mat or feeding her bottomless stomach great, simple food. You can follow her daily Dutch adventures at

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