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September 29, 2017

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View of Los Angeles from Baldwin Hills. Image via Flickr, by Eric Chan.

Though Los Angeles conjures visions of red carpet premieres, glamorous nightclubs and perfectly manicured, palm-tree lined streets, the diverse, sprawling city is much more than a playground for the rich and famous. The HUNT Los Angeles gives readers a local’s perspective, and you’ll quickly be wooed by the down-to-earth vibe, mouthwatering cuisine from all corners of the globe, low-key dives, stunning natural surrounds and inventive concept shops. With The HUNT Los Angeles, you’ll be able to discover the real City of Angels — quirky, casual and sun-kissed — not just the one you see on the big screen.

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About The HUNT Los Angeles Writer: Emma Specter was born and raised in New York City, went to college in Ohio and moved to Los Angeles right after graduation with a creative writing degree and without a driver’s license. As it turned out, neither of those qualifications helped her find a job; after a few months of driver’s ed, she found work as a writer and copyeditor, and made Los Angeles her home. When she’s not covering news and entertainment for, she can be found reading on the beach, yelling at podcasts in traffic or partaking in free samples from Trader Joe’s on Hyperion Boulevard.


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