San Francisco’s Best Urban Hikes

November 8, 2017

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Twin Peaks.

Whenever The HUNT San Francisco writer Lauren Ladoceour is guilty of overeating or is in desperate need of some hard exercise, she knows just where to go to work get a bit of exercise in.

Bernal Heights. Image by Meghan Caudle.

Climb the 475 feet up the winding path to the top of Bernal Heights Park, a hill that remains green through winter and turns gold come summer. On the north side, you get a sweeping view of the city, all the way from the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge. To the west, you’ll see another famous hill worth climbing: Twin Peaks. (If it’s not blanketed by fog, it’s the one with the big red radio tower.)  Here, dogs happily wander off-leash, and couples cuddle in the tall grass. Lauren always feel refreshed when she walks down to the bottom again, almost as she’s just been for a hike in Muir Woods. In reality the park is just a few blocks from the 24th Street BART station.

Some of Lauren’s other favorite climbs include the groomed trails inside Glen Canyon. Park your car near the Safeway supermarket, and take any pathway uphill. Or if you’re feeling really athletic, work up to the cracks and routes where actual climbers spider monkey their way to the top, sans rope. For something less challenging and just as scenic, she likes to mosey along the forested Lands End trails near the water in the northwest corner of the city. Of course, because San Francisco is dotted with hills and is a city, there are plenty of concrete hikes with nary a tree in sight. The best is the ascent to Coit Tower in North Beach, where you get the added bonus of taking in Diego Rivera murals along with a bay view at the peak.

Glen Canyon.


About The HUNT San Francisco Writer: A lover of bourbon and bonfires, Lauren Ladoceour is a food and lifestyle writer based in San Francisco. Her job is mostly to hang out with chefs and bartenders and then write about it for magazines such as Food Arts, San Francisco and Yoga Journal. But come Saturday, she’s working on her biannual Weekend Almanac. She fully believes life happens Friday through Sunday and the best way to experience it is to get out of the house and try something new.



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