Rainy Day Hideaways in Paris

April 26, 2017

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Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

This may come as a surprise, but Paris actually gets more rain than London, despite the latter’s reputation for gray skies and drizzle. Unfortunately, this means that you shouldn’t be shocked during the summer when the clouds roll in and your carefully curated Parisian picnic has to move indoors. Luckily, The HUNT Paris writer, Haleigh Walsworth, knows exactly how to stay dry in Paris’s great indoors.

La Grande Prairie

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Shelter yourself from the elements by heading to La Grande Prairie, situated above La Bellevilloise. You can sprawl out on one of the lawn chairs and have a bar within arm’s reach. Or you can head to

Le 104 & Les Frigos

Les Frigos. Via Flickr Creative Commons, by 2010jade1.


Le 104. Via Flickr Creative Commons, by Makery Media for labs

Fan of the arts? At Le 104 and Les Frigos, you can explore the ateliers of tons of artists at work. Both have their own cafés, and Le 104 even has shops, an indoor playground and – always a source of amusement – a photo booth.

Le Cinema du Panthéon

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, by John Weiss.

If rainy days are synonymous with movie marathons for you, then take in a double feature at Le Cinema du Panthéon, a landmark of French New Wave film. What’s more, you can have a drink and a snack at the coffeeshop.

Le Comptoir Général 

Image by Haleigh Walsworth

The Franco-African atmosphere at Le Comptoir Général will have you fantasizing about warmer climates. To pass the time in this multi-concept venue, you can visit their “ghetto museum,” have a cocktail, check out the boutique or have a bite in their café. Or, perhaps, all of the above.

Passage des Panoramas

Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

Though it can be easy to miss America’s indoor shopping malls when there’s a downpour, the quaint and charming Passage des Panormas will immediately banish the thought of other malls from your mind. Here, there are amazing specialty shops, coffee slingers and galleries to keep you busy for an entire day.

About The HUNT Paris Writer: Haleigh Walsworth is a writer and photographer who moved to Paris on a whim. A bit of a romantic, she thought it would be the perfect place to live. Now a true Francophile, she feels more at home in the French capital after just six years than in her native California. She started her website to share anecdotes and snapshots as she found her way through life in the city. Most of her time is spent producing lifestyle content for French fashion and beauty houses. When not at work in Paris or abroad, you can find her at home in the Marais drinking lots of tea and writing short stories.

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