Our Story

What We Do

Here at The HUNT, we get weak in the knees for one-of-a-kind, independently owned businesses. Though some think bigger is better, we believe smaller is special.

Instead of indiscriminately featuring everything and the kitchen sink, we put our curatorial colored glasses on and carefully select 100 or so unique, authentic local businesses that range from eye-popping and brand spankin’ new to deeply patinaed and WAY off the beaten path, funky and unexpected to chic and shiny. Over the last decade, our guides have become the go-to source for a worldwide community of locals and travelers who seek out genuine, intriguing independent businesses.

And because we believe that a guide needs to wander along with you, and not languish on your coffee table looking all pretty and pristine, our books fit perfectly into a handbag, a glove compartment box or your empty hand.

Where We Came From

The HUNT is the evolution of the Eat.Shop guides that began life in Portland in 2003. These guides briefly went through a Rather Guides phase in 2011, but in early 2012, with a focus on expanding internationally, the guides took on a whole new set of clothes and The HUNT Guides were born. Now The HUNT Guides are part of the Gatehouse Publishing family and continue to support the most wonderful and unique locally and passionately owned businesses around the world. The HUNT Guides is proud to showcase cities spanning the globe, from San Fran to Sydney, Amsterdam to Hong Kong, Portland to Singapore. Stay tuned.

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