The Tastiest Brunches in New York City

September 26, 2017

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Act 1, Scene 1: After a night of debauchery in New York City, we wake to find ourselves clutching an aspirin bottle with regret lurking close by. Cut to the hair of the dog that is brunch. Grabbing an egg and cheese from a bodega may seem S.O.P. in one’s hangover cure regime, but here are a few specialty brunch alternatives.

Buvette. Image courtesy of the venue, by Max Poglia.

Instead of immediately going for Buvette’s delicious Nutella crepes or chicken salad, try their waffle sandwich — the combo of sunny-side-up egg, bacon and Gruyère topped with maple syrup has garnered a cult following.

Dimes. Image via Eater NY.

A health nut friend suggested Dimes and an immediate wave of skepticism drowned out the possibility that an açaí bowl or smoked trout hash sprinkled with pomegranate seeds could cure my headache. Maybe it was the coffee with homemade almond milk or the extra sides of delicious pickled salmon, but it worked.

Le Coucou. Image via

For something very civilized, nearby Le Coucou is run by Paris’s most celebrated American chef, Daniel Rose. All zee accolades have made reserving an evening table in this tranquil dining room a gotta-know-people situation. Thankfully, many dinner items, including the salade de homard with sauce lauris (lobster tail, basil, tomato and a creamy, paprika-spiced sauce) are featured at brunch.

Cosme. Image via website.

Over in the Flatiron District is Cosme, a Mexican-inspired joint where the bar team concocts the most addicting sauce for their homemade micheladas. By round four, you’ll be ordering extra helpings of chilaquiles, duck enmoladas and beautifully plated Nopal cactus salad.

Oriental Garden. Image by JoAnna Kang.

Looking for something from the Eastern Hemisphere? Check out Oriental Garden, where dollies swim around the community tables offering fresh seafood and flaky egg-custard tarts. Craving savory in Brooklyn? Head to Ba Xuyên for Vietnamese pho — which is traditionally served in the morning — and get your salt fix with hot soup, an avocado shake and a colossal bánh mì that can easily be shared.

About The HUNT New York City Writer: JoAnna Kang admits it took her years to make the cross country move from Portland, Oregon to New York City. She finally confronted NYC’s cramped, well-oiled machine, churning out long workdays in exchange for living in a 24-hour glutton’s paradise. Ignoring the fact that her armoire is four feet from the stove, she enjoys recreating delicious recipes from Elizabeth David cookbooks and being part of the team at Windfall Farms’s stand at the Union Square Greenmarket, which advocates pesticide-free, non-GMO, unconventionally grown produce.

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