Go Mojito-Mad in Miami

August 25, 2017

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Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill. Image via venue website.

Despite Miami’s proximity to Cuba, the mojito didn’t reach Florida’s shores until after it had made its way across Europe and into remote parts of Britain. Nevertheless, The Magic City is now a second home to the drink, due to our close ties to Cuban culture. While the mojito’s birthplace and even its name have been a topic of discussion amongst historians, HUNT Miami writer Margarita Wells really doesn’t care where it comes from or what it’s called so long as it tastes good. She thinks that the Cubans said “to hell with plain old boring lemonade” and created their own indisputably ingenious, boozy solution to a hot summer’s day. Whether you go traditional or want a twist on the concoction, drinking a mojito is one of those must-do things to cross off your list while you’re in town. So, why not do it where they serve the finest?

 For the classic taste made from Cuban-sourced ingredients including white rum, gently crushed mint leaves, lime and raw cane sugar or guarapo (sugarcane juice), Larios on the Beach (owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan) is where to go. Similarly, Coral Gables’ choice Caribbean spot, Ortanique on the Mile, is another recommended venue for the bona fide concoction.

Larios on the Beach. Image courtesy of the venue.

Looking for a twist inspired by the city’s melting pot of cultures? Refined eatery Casa Tua allows you to pair the sweet drink with the bright flavors of the Mediterranean. Not to be outdone, downtown Peruvian staple CVI.CHE 105 has taken the liberty of adding a pisco flourish. If you think that’s bold, Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill in Midtown, the neighborhood famous for blending foods of all cultures, has created the beet mojito — a delish libation that is bound to leave you wondering what other tasty sips you can make with vegetables and alcohol.

About The HUNT Miami Writer: Margarita Wells moved to Florida from Mexico City at the age of 12, and while she’s never stopped pining for the taco paradise where she was born, she fell hard for the palm tree-lined heaven of her adopted city. A marine scientist, Margarita loves Miami’s interconnectedness with the sea, its tropical vibes and ability to cater to both a metropolitan beach town and suburban lifestyle. When she’s not protecting the local environment, you can find her bumming around her coastal backyard, skateboarding around her neighborhood, or checking out the newest hot spots for her blog, thankyoumiami.com.

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