The Best Coffee Shops in New York City

November 29, 2017

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Image by JoAnna Kang.

Experiencing caffeine withdrawal can exponentially drain one’s energy. Though you can grab a lukewarm, watery cup of joe at any bodega, you shouldn’t — instead, hit up these specialty slingers.

Tucked in Greenwich Village is Caffé Reggio and their 1902 espresso machine; it created their first

Image by JoAnna Kang

cappuccino and the antique is now proudly displayed. Come for a shot of rich espresso and stay for the history and calming ambiance.

Duck into Hi-Collar in the East Village and order the flavorful iced pour-over. The cortado at Happy Bones will pacify one’s patience while in SoHo sample sale lines, but if shopping isn’t on your agenda, reserve a time slot at Meow Parlour. It’s a wonderful place to sip on a mug full of Counter Culture roast and plan out the rest of your day while a furry feline naps in your lap.

Image by JoAnna Kang.

Located on the ground floor of an Art Deco skyscraper in FiDi, Black Fox Coffee is where co-owners Daniel Murphy and Gary Hardwick and coffee director Kris Wood feature micro-roasters like Heart Roasters from Portland; Small Batch from Melbourne; and Brooklyn’s own Parlor. Uptown? Swing by NYCs own micro-roaster, Lenox Coffee, for a single-origin cold brew.

Midtown is where the coffee compass goes haywire, but don’t fret because Hole In The Wall Coffee NYC serves up NOVO Coffee’s green java, and Bibble & Sip, whose signature matcha jasmine latte is so tasty it’ll twist the arm of a purist, are both located near the Theater District.

In Brooklyn, Michelin Star-winning pastry chef Ryan Butler owns Butler, so you’ll want his version of dark chocolate Babka on top of your cappuccino order.

About The HUNT New York City Writer: JoAnna Kang admits it took her years to make the cross country move from Portland, Oregon to New York City. She finally confronted NYC’s cramped, well-oiled machine, churning out long workdays in exchange for living in a 24-hour glutton’s paradise. Ignoring the fact that her armoire is four feet from the stove, she enjoys recreating delicious recipes from Elizabeth David cookbooks and being part of the team at Windfall Farms’s stand at the Union Square Greenmarket, which advocates pesticide-free, non-GMO, unconventionally grown produce.

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