Bespoke Services & Creative Corporate Solutions

We offer three custom guide publishing solutions: White Label, Select and Bespoke, as well as Private Press Solutions for your company’s commemorative or special edition projects.


Select Services

A step towards personalization

Looking for a special gift for your client, a wedding token or a product to give away at conferences or events? Order a customized HUNT Guide with your company's logo or your wedding date incorporated into the design, cover or slip-on sleeve.


White Label

Customized Content + Logo

A White Label product allows you to tailor the content of The HUNT Guides in order to best feature your brand and suit your audience. We then dress up the look and feel of the guide to make it your very own. These guides and box sets are ideal for your marketing purposes.

For the Frankfurt Book Fair (the largest event of its kind in the world) we produced this insider's guide. Frankfurt isn't an easy city to get to know - our guide leads book lovers on a tour of the city's most unique eating, shopping and lifestyle experiences, including historic highlights, bookshops and (of course) nightlife. You can download the guide for free on our City Guides page.


Bespoke Travel Products

Full Customization

Bespoke guides are entirely built to your preference and specifications in their design and content. Bespoke products are held to the highest standards, so retail is always an option.

In 2012 and 2013, The HUNT Guides was proud to support international men's health awareness movement Movember through producing an eight city guide series to the best 'Mo businesses around the world.


Private Press

Custom Corporate Publishing

Bespoke books, catalogs or magazines are a great way to celebrate an anniversary or special event; educate consumers about your history, mission or services; and even to set the tone for your future. Luckily The HUNT Guides is owned by one of the world's fastest growing lifestyle publishing houses: Gatehouse Publishing ( Bespoke publications make wonderful gifts for clients, media or event partners. As for the content and concept of your corporate or commemorative piece, the sky is the limit.

Our custom published products showcase your company’s products and services in their best light, strengthening your brand’s authority and awareness. These unique, lasting print pieces help attract new customers and reinforce brand loyalty. We provide start to finish services, walking you through the entire process of creating a beautiful custom product. We are able to provide creative ideas to engage your audience, or simply make your existing ideas a reality. From conception to completion, we will guide you through each stage of the production process to ensure your book is produced on time, within budget and at the highest editorial standards.

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