Berlin’s Best Breweries

September 19, 2017

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Berliners have been brewing and quaffing for centuries, and with beer being as deeply woven as it is in the culture, there is no shortage of places to drink up throughout the city.

Bergschloss. Image courtesy of the venue.

One of The HUNT Berlin writer Hilda Hoy’s preferred beer gardens is more off the beaten track, though: tucked away next to a stretch of disused railroad on the western edge of Kreuzberg and ringed by trees, Kurhaus Ponte Rosa is a small, friendly outfit that feels like a secret neighborhood locale. Besides the all-important brews, the house specialty is thin-crust pizza from a wood-fired oven.

Though you usually find a selection of commercial brands on tap here, there are also numerous microbreweries making their own inventive drinks. One of them is Neukölln’s Berliner Berg, which has its own Bergschloss taproom, a comfortable spot with antique wooden floors and antiquated furniture. There are always several Berliner Berg varieties on tap, like a fruity pale ale and a potent imperial stout, as well as kegs from other local craft brewers.

Pfefferbräu. Image courtesy of the venue, by

Another microbrewery is Pfefferbräu, which occupies a hilltop location in Prenzlauer Berg, and was established in 1893. The enormous copper kettles pump out a light pilsner, a dunkel (malty dark brew) and an unfiltered wheat with whiffs of passion fruit, all of which can be enjoyed inside or out on the terrace along with a broad menu of snacks and meals.

Hopfenreich doesn’t make its own beer, but what it offers instead is an unbelievable variety. With 15 or more kegs on tap at any given time and a bevy of bottles from around the globe, the Kreuzberg watering hole boasts what is quite likely the largest craft beer selection in town. Even the most dedicated connoisseurs are sure to discover something new and surprising.

Lager Lager. Image courtesy of the venue.

Lager Lager is part bar, part shop. Bottles and drafts can be sampled on site or packed up for home, and this is the only place here that sells craft beer to go in growlers.

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