48 Hours in Paris

July 3, 2017

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Image via Flickr Creative Commons, by Florent Lamoureux.

It wouldn’t be difficult to write a lengthy novel on reasons to fall in love with Paris. One of the city’s greatest traits is the way it opens up and allows you to discover what’s to love about it on your own. Surprisingly smaller than you might expect, it’s easy to navigate on foot, and very efficient in terms of public transport. Each of the 20 arrondissements spiraling out like an escargot from the center blend seamlessly into one another but with their own distinct character. For Parisians and travelers alike, the neighborhoods you choose are telling of your style and interests. The traditional west is upscale and caters to fine tastes, while the emerging east can be gritty but budding with some of the city’s leading culture.

Parisians are not as rude as has been said, and most days the city fully justifies being regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. It’s known as a place for lovers, but The HUNT Paris writer Haleigh Walsworth begs to differ. Paris is for any bon vivant traveling in good company or on their own. Those who wander with their eyes wide open, enjoy every last bite, drink every last drop and love with all their hearts.

Day 1

Serge Lutens. Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

9am: Work up an appetite bright and early with a scenic walk starting in the Tuileries, just past the Louvre, and ending up at Claus for a delicious breakfast.

11am: Visit the Palais Royal to pick out some perfume at Serge Lutens, to browse vintage couture finds at Didier Ludot, or relax by the fountains.

1pm: Cross the Seine via the Pont des Arts into the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés for lunch at 13, and marvel at the blooms just next door at Flower, one of the city’s most glamorous florists.

Deyrolle. Image by Haleigh Walsworth

3pm: Head over to see some curious collections at Deyrolle and Librairie Elbé before a bit of accessories shopping at La Cerise sur le Chapeau.

5pm: Drop by Coutume Café for a little pick me up with some of the best coffee in town, and walk past La Pagode to check out its unusual architecture.

7pm: Make your way west towards The Eiffel Tower to see the sun set from the Champs de Mars and the twinkling lights of this iconic landmark.

Faust. Image courtesy of the venue.

8pm: Enjoy a tasty dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef at brasserie Faust on the banks of the river. Stick around afterwards for some music and dancing in the tunnel.

11pm: If you fancy staying out, pop back across to the Right Bank for a swanky nightcap at Le Magnifique.

Day 2

La Chambre aux Oiseaux. Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

9am: Take a morning stroll on the Canal Saint-Martin. Head to La Chambre aux Oiseaux for brunch before popping into Dante & Maria for a bit of treasure hunting.

11am: Work your way down into the Marais to flip through the pages of some beautiful books and cool magazines at 0fr. or browse the varied racks at The Broken Arm.

1pm: Pop into Le Loir dans La Théière for a snack or light lunch before heading slightly east to Bastille and La Promenade Plantée for a scenic, refreshing walk.

Marché d’Aligre. Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

3pm: Stop by Marché d’Aligre to sample some produce, people watch and pick up some gourmet groceries to take home.

5pm: Follow the Rue Charonne and check out its shops on the way up to Square Gardette where you can quaff good wine and have a game of pétanque at Les Niçois.

7pm: Wander over to the nearby Le Servan and tuck into its lovely modern French cuisine.

Le Fantôme. Image by Haleigh Walsworth.

9pm: Migrate to the 10th arrondissement to start a bit of bar hopping with drinks and some old-school arcade games at Le Fantôme.

11pm: Head north to Montmartre to finish the night with a view from Sacré-Coeur and a late-night party at Le Carmen, or just go south to Silencio for drinking and dancing that won’t stop ’til dawn.

About The HUNT Paris Writer: Haleigh Walsworth is a writer and photographer who moved to Paris on a whim. A bit of a romantic, she thought it would be the perfect place to live. Now a true Francophile, she feels more at home in the French capital than in her native California. Most of her time is spent producing lifestyle content for French fashion and beauty houses. When not at work in Paris or abroad, you can find her at home drinking lots of tea and writing short stories.

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